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FAQ Montaje PCB
What issues should be paid attention to for customer-supplied components?
How to input the number of unique parts?
Assembly cost will be showed after submit order,is components cost included?
Should I submit a stencil order for SMT project made by PCBWay?
Will you ship the stencil back to me after assembling finished ?
Why assemblied PCB will be shipped out in panel
Can you choose to have different quantity for PCB and assembled boards respectively?
Can you program the components?
Failure Reasons of online Assembly Inquiry
Why the assembly order is still under review?
Can we buy components from specific supplier or provide link for purchasing?
Why the unit cost of components is higher than suppliers such as Digi-Key?
Why the lead time of assembly order is long?
The question of FPCB should be tested or not
How to do with SMT order problem after receiving boards?
What type of tape should I choose for SMT order of flexible PCB?
How to Upload PCB Assembly(PCBA) Inquiry
What’s the min quantity of assembly?
Do you make assembly manually or by machine?
What files are requested for assembly production?
What are the requests on pcb for assembly by machine?
Why is online lead time different from final lead time for assembly order?
What’s the min package you can assemble?
When can you ship out the assembled pcbs after sample photos confirmation?
Do you offer expedited service?
Why do not you solder the PTH components when you send the sample photos?
Can you do test after assembly? What documents should I offer?
What document is needed for IC program?
What file format should BOM be?
How long can I get quotation after BOM is uploaded?
Common factors that affect the efficiency of Assembly service.
Can I list capacitors or resistors in BOM without exact part numbers?
How should I do if I want to update Gerber or BOM?
How should I do if I want to get quotation for different quantities?
Will you recommend substitutes when you quote?
Do you accept me to provide components?