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Printed circuit board materials

What is PCB?

A printed circuit board (PCB)mechanically supports and electricallyconnects electronic components usingconductive tracks, pads and otherfeatures etched from copper sheetslaminated onto a non-conductivesubstrate. Components are generallysoldered on the PCB.-

Printed circuit boards are used in all but the simplest electronic products. They are also used in some electrical products, such as passive switch boxes.

The basepcb material (CCL-Copper Clad Laminate) is a composite material that composed of dielectric layer (Resin, glass fiber) and high-purity conductor (copper foil).

pcb inkpcb meterial type

PCB material classification:

1, classification according to reinforced materials (the most commonly way)    a. Paper board(FR-1, FR-2, FR-3)
   b. Epoxy Glass Cloth (FR-4, FR-5)
   c. Composite board (CEM-1, CEM-3)
   d. HDI board (RCC-Resin Coated Coppe)
   e. Special board (metal board, ceramic board, etc.)

2, classification according to the different types of resin
   a. Epoxy resin
   b. Polyester resin
   c. PI resin (polyimide)

3, classification according to flame retardant properties
   a. Flame retardant (UL94-VO, UL94-V1)
   b. Non-flame retardant (UL94-HB level)

The follow shows the very best that PCBWay can offer, but here the supply chain or sourcing options is limited and ensure quality this means that Some uncommonly used materials are sometimes out of stock.The yellow and red font represent that the materials are not regular preparation materials. We need to consult the materials supplier to affirm whether they are in stock. And some of them need to be purchased from abroad, the delivery time will be extended or even come to the situation of out of stock. Any questions, feel free to consult your sales representatives.

Quick-turn/Standard PCB Material list

ItemsPCB Prototype capacity (area < 1m2;)Small and medium batch (area > 1m2)
General Tg FR4:Shengyi S1141, Kingboard KB6160A, goldenmax GF212Shengyi S1141, Kingboard KB6160A, goldenmax GF212
Medium Tg FR4:Shengyi S1150G , Kingboard KB6165F, Kingboard KB6165G (halogen-free)Shengyi S1150G , Kingboard KB6165F, Kingboard KB6165G (halogen-free)
High Tg FR4:Shengyi S1165 (halogen-free), Kingboard KB6167G (halogen-free), Kingboard KB6167FShengyi S1165 (halogen-free), Kingboard KB6167G (halogen-free), Kingboard KB6167F

goldenmax GL12, CS-AL-88/89 AD2, JQ-143 1-8 layer mixed FR-4goldenmax GL12, CS-AL-88/89 AD2, JQ-143 1-8 layer mixed FR-4

Advanced PCB Material list

ItemsPCB Prototype capacity (area < 1m2;)Small and medium batch (area > 1m2)
MaterialsGeneral Tg FR4:shengyi S1141,Kingboard KB6160Ashengyi S1141
High-Tg Halogen-free:shengyi    S1170G Halogen-free TG170,TU-862 HF TG170 shengyi    S1170G Halogen-free TG170,TU-862 HF TG170 
Medium Tg Halogen-free:shengyi    S1150G Halogen-free TG150shengyi    S1150G Halogen-free TG150
High Halogen-free CTI:shengyi    S1151G( CTI&ge;600V)shengyi    S1151G( CTI&ge;600V)
High CTI:shengyi S1600( CTI&ge;600V)Kingboard KB6160Cshengyi S1600( CTI&ge;600V)Kingboard KB6160C
Special Material(High low temperature):shengyi    SH260shengyi    SH260 
High Tg FR4:S1000-2, S1000-2M,IT180AS1000-2, S1000-2M,IT180A
Ceramic powder filled high frequencyRogers4003, Rogers4350, Arlon25N,shengyi S7136Rogers4350, Rogers4003,shengyi S7136
PTFE high frequency material:Rogers, Taconic, Arlon,Taizhou wanglingRogers, Taconic, Arlon,Taizhou wangling
High Frequency PCB PPRO4450    0.1mm,shengyi    Synamic6,RO4450    0.1mm,shengyi s6
High Speed( 1-5G)MEG4,Tu-862,Tu-662, Tu-768, S7038, S1165, Isola-FR408HR, Isola-FR406,EMC TW -EM370,EM828G IT170GRANP175FM(Nanya)MEG4, Tu-862, Tu-662, Tu-768,S7038, S1165, Isola-FR408HR, Isola-FR406,EMC TW -EM370, EM828GIT170GRA,NP175FM(Nanya)
High Speed( 5-10G)MEG4,Tu-872, N4000-13, M4, Tu-863(Halogen-free),Synamic4, EM-888, I-Speed(Isola) N4800-20SI(Nelco) IT-958GMEG4,Tu-872, N4000-13, M4, Tu-863(Halogen-free),Synamic4, EM-888, I-Speed(Isola) N4800-20SI(Nelco) IT-958G
High Speed( 10-25G)MEG6, Tu-883,shengyi Synamic6, Meteorwave1000/2000/3000(Nelco), EM-891(EMC TW),EM-888K, IT-968, I-Tera MT40(Isola)MEG6, Tu-883,shengyi Synamic6, Meteorwave1000/2000/3000(Nelco), EM-891(EMC TW), EM-888K, IT-968 I-Tera MT40(Isola)
High Speed(>25G)MEG7, Tu-933,Meteorwave4000( Nelco), IT-988, Tachyon 100G(Isola)MEG7, Tu-933,Meteorwave4000( Nelco), IT-988 Tachyon 100G(Isola)
High Frequency PCB DK 2.2-2.25RO5880, TLY-5(Taconic) SCGA-500    GF220(shengyi), F4BK225/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.33RO5870, TLY-3(Taconic)/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.45TLX-0(Taconic), TLT-0(Taconic)/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.5-2.55AD250(Arlon), TLT-9(Taconic), TLY-9(Taconic); SCGA-500 GF255(shengyi), TLT-8(Taconic), TLY-8(Taconic), F4B255/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.6-2.65TLT-7(Taconic), TLY-7(Taconic); TLT-6(Taconic), TLY-6(Taconic), SCGA-500 GF265(shengyi), F4B265/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.7-2.75AD270(Arlon); TLC-27(Taconic)/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.92-2.94RO6002, CLTE( Arlon)/
High Frequency PCB DK 2.95AD295(Arlon), TLE-95(Taconic)/
High Frequency PCB DK 3.0SCGA-500    GF300(AR-320(Arlon), (Taconic), TLC-30(Taconic), RO3203, F4BK300
High Frequency PCB DK 3.2-3.28AD320(Arlon), AR-320(Arlon), TLC-32(Taconic);TMM-3( Rogers);25N(Arlon)/
High Frequency PCB DK 3.37-3.3825FR(Arlon), Ro4003/
High Frequency PCB DK 3.48-3.5RO4350, RO4835, AR-350(Arlon), RF-35(Taconic), F4BK350/
High Frequency PCB DK 3.6AD360(Arlon)/
High Frequency PCB DK 4.5AR-450(Arlon), TMM-4( Rogers),/
High Frequency PCB DK 6.0AR-600(Arlon), TMM-6( Rogers),/
High Frequency PCB DK 6.15RO3006, RO6006, RO4360/
High Frequency PCB DK 9.2-9.8TMM-10( Rogers), TMM-101( Rogers)/
High Frequency PCB DK 10.0-10.2AR-1000(Arlon), CER-10(Taconic), RO3010, RO3210,    RO6010/

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