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High-TG PCBs High Temperature PCB fr4 Material

What is High Tg PCB?

When the temperature rises to a certain range,the substrate transitions from a "glassy state" to a "rubbery state,"and the temperature at this point is called the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the board.In other words,Tg is the maximum temperature (in degrees Celsius) at which the substrate maintains rigidity.It means that ordinary PCB substrate materials exhibit softening,deformation, melting,and a sharp decline in mechanical and electrical properties under high temperatures.

Generally,the Tg of a material is above 130℃,while high Tg is usually above 170 degrees Celsius,and medium Tg is approximately above 150℃. PCBs with a Tg of 170℃ or higher are commonly referred to as high Tg PCBs.

The increase in Tg of the substrate enhances the heat resistance,moisture resistance,chemical resistance,and stability of the printed board.Higher Tg values indicate better temperature resistance of the material, especially in lead-free processes where high Tg applications are more prevalent.

Next, let's learn what does TG mean in the PCB industry through the video below.

The Features of High Tg PCB

  • High heat resistance

  • Low Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient

  • High reliability of plated through holes (PTH)

  • Improved mechanical performance

  • Dimensional stability

  • High resistance to thermal stress

Applications of High Tg PCB

Communication Equipment:High Tg PCBs are commonly used in the field of communication equipment,such as wireless base stations,fiber optic communication devices,and network equipment.These devices often require good electrical performance and reliability in high-temperature and high-frequency environments.

Automotive Electronics:In automotive electronics,high Tg PCBs are widely used in on-board computers, engine control units (ECUs),sensors,dashboards,and other critical systems.The interior of a car experiences significant temperature fluctuations,so circuit board materials capable of withstanding high temperatures and thermal stress are needed.

Industrial Control Equipment:High Tg PCBs are commonly used in industrial control equipment,automation systems,and robotics.These devices typically operate in high-temperature,high-humidity,and high-vibration environments,requiring excellent thermal stability and mechanical strength.

Aerospace:The aerospace industry demands high reliability and temperature resistance from electronic devices.High Tg PCBs are extensively used in aircraft,satellites,and navigation equipment to withstand extreme temperature changes and harsh working conditions.

Medical Devices:Medical equipment needs to operate under conditions of high-temperature sterilization and disinfection.High Tg PCBs are employed in electronic monitoring devices,surgical instruments,medical imaging equipment,and implantable medical devices.

Military and Defense:Military and defense applications have stringent requirements for the reliability and temperature resistance of electronic devices.High Tg PCBs are used in radar systems,missile control,military communications,and tactical equipment,among other fields.

These are just some examples of the application areas for high Tg PCBs.In reality,high Tg PCBs can also be suitable for other applications that have high-temperature requirements,such as industrial equipment,energy systems,and electronics operating in high-temperature environments.The exceptional thermal properties of high Tg PCBs make them versatile for a wide range of temperature-sensitive applications.

The High Tg Material used by PCBWay


Product Data sheet: Download(PDF) IT-180A

Product Data sheet: Download(PDF) TU768

Product Data sheet: Download(PDF) S1000-2 S1000-2B

Product Data sheet: Download(PDF) S1170G S1170GB

Product Data sheet: Download(PDF) Rogers 4350B

More information please check here:

High-Tg PCB Instant Quote

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