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PCB V-Scoring

V-Scoring also named as V-grooving or V-cutting, it is a way to split circuit boards. It is cutting a "v" groove on the top and bottom of a circuit board while leaving a minimum amount of material in place to hold the boards together.



.The V-Cut  min spacing between boards is 2mm. 

.The V-cut edg is 3mm

.Minimum PCB size for V-scoring is 60 x 45mm,maximum size is 600mm*450mm.

.V-scoring line must be straight and have to be a vertical and horizontal line.

.The Spacing between the V-scoring line and outline keeps at 0.35mm.

.We recommend board thickness of the V-scored board is 0.6mm at least.

Check the outside of the board, whether there is any excess or negative in the board; check whether the solder mask has all the openings of the shape, the opening size is 0.15mm (including the aluminum substrate), and the V-CUT position window is 0.3MM (aluminum substrate 0.6MM) ).

(No copper hole, cut the copper side by 0.2mm, the shape ko cut the inner and outer layer copper by 0.2mm, pay attention to the plate thickness below 1.6 with V cut, the minimum overall cut is 0.6MM, the overall thickness of 1.6MM is 0.7mm, and the overall thickness of 2.0 is 0.8 mm, 2.4 overall 1.0mm (system remarks allow copper leakage, gong edge position cut out 0.1mm on one side, V secant cut out copper on one side 0.2mm); aluminum substrate shape cut copper single side 0.3mm, V cut copper according to the board It depends on the thickness, and the minimum is 0.9MM as a whole.)

V- Scoring Example

Schematic diagram below: 1. The minimum size of manual V-CUT: 45*60MM can only be in the direction of V-CUT (60MM)


Decomposition: 45MM is the minimum distance between the two card positions of the manual V-cutting machine


60MM is the minimum distance between two hubs


SET manual (or computer) V-CUT maximum size: 450MM* unlimited length, maximum width 450MM


Decomposition: 450MM is the minimum distance between the two card positions of the V-cutting machine, and the infinite length is that the V-cutting machine passes through the middle two sides of the connecting plate.

QQ截图20220722140331.jpgLarge board (PNL) computer V-CUT maximum size: 600*1200MM (maximum length and width).


Decomposition: 600MM is the depth of the V-cutting machine (and the width of the PNL board), and 1200MM is the width of the V-cutting machine (and the length of the PNL board).


Kindly note V-scoring angle is 30 degrees.


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