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Nuestra fábrica ha reanudado la producción desde febrero 10,2020. Pero solo se reanudó parte de la producción. La producción de prototipos de PCB (<= 100 piezas) y de lotes pequeños (dentro de 1 m2) ahora solo admite la máscara de soldadura verde y el acabado superficial HASL con plomo, sin plomo HASL, oro de inmersión (ENIG). La producción por lotes está disponible para todos los colores.
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Prototipos de PCB de forma sencilla

Servicio completo para prototipos de PCB personalizados.

PCB Panel Creation

PCB panel is a consideration for both pcb manufacturing and pcb assembly. Because for some irregular boards, panel can reduce the time and labor for production and testing.

PCBWay , as the most professional manufacturer in this field more than a decade. We can made the boards according to your own panel design, And we can also provide the service to help you panel the single board for free.

What is the panel? That means we help you connect the single boards(same or different are OK) on one big panel by different route process , then it will be easy for you to break them into single pcb. For route process, it have three types: V-scoring, Tab route and stamp holes

1. V-scoring.

V-scoring is the most popular way in pcb panel. V-scoring is the v-shape line to connect boards for convenience separation. We also have requirement for the v-scoring boards,Please observe the following rules

· (1) The space between circuit boardsin the layout is 0.0mm

· (2)Scoring lines must be straight; horizontal and vertical lines are possible, so the boards frame must be regular, and the size of boards must be over 75mm*75mm

· (3)For stability, we recommend using scoring only above a minimum circuit board thickness of 0.4mm


2. Tab route and stamp holes

For tab route and stampholes, it can used in the irregular boards. However, For tab route, the space between boards should be 1.6mm.


3. Breakaway rails

Breakaway rail, also called edge rail, is a rail at the edge of panel boards in order to fix the panel boards on machine more easily. So it is usually used in assembly pcb boards.For breakaway rails, you can also use v-scoring or tab route to connect then you can cut the rails easily after assembly. In our factory, our mini edge rail is 5mm. Please see the following picture


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