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How long can I get quotation after BOM is uploaded?

A: You can receive quotation within 1 business day usually, but if there are many types of components, you may receive quotation not later than next day.

Note: BOM file format description

Bill of Material: List of all the components/materials required for assembly.

Supported File Format: ‘.csv’, ‘.xls’ and ‘.xlsx’

Content Has to Be Included:

*MFG Part Number: Used to describe Manufacturer Part Number;

*Designator: Used to describe positions of components on PCB, such as R1, C1, U1, etc.

*Quantity: Component amount used per every single PCB.

*Footprint: Used to describe component package, such as 0402, 0603, 0805, QFN-48, etc.

Manufacturer: Manufacturer of component.

Description: Used to describe components part number, specification, tolerance, etc. For example, ‘ 100nf 80%-20% 50V’.

Type (SMD/THT): Used to describe components soldering type. For example, ‘SMD’ refers to Surface Mounted Devices; ‘THT’ refers to Through Hole Technology.

Your Instructions / Notes: Some special instructions of components. For example, components soldering notes, components polarity or orientation, components soldering temperature, components firmware loading, components testing instruction, components soldering or not soldering(DNP,DNS), customer-supply components or not, etc.

Note: *Those are required fields. 

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