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Can you do test after assembly? What documents should I offer?

Yes, we can do test after assembly:

a. Normally we do AOI test after assembly.

b. As for IC or BGA area, we can do X-ray test if you request, and we will provide you the test result to review.

c. If there are many LEDs on pcb, we suggest to test the LEDs after assembly, otherwise there will be about 2% failure. For LED testing, you need to send us the testing procedures with pictures showed.

d. For function test, you need to offer the test method including the test steps and pictures to explain well. It will be better that if you can provide the test video for reference. If there is specific test tools, please send to us for our assembly factory only has the conventional universal meter.

For both LED testing and function testing, the test fee will be confirmed and charged after testing, it’s calculated according to the time used.

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