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Glass fiber nylon(PA12+35% GF)
4.9 (29 Reviews) 1405 orders
Material type: Plastic, High strength, Fiber reinforced
Glass fiber nylon is PA12 nylon mixed with 35% glass fiber. This material has higher strength and higher heat resistance than nylon material. It is very suitable for testing functional products. You can use this material to make movable chains or spring items.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Light gray
Dark black (dyeing)
Material advantages
Compared with pure nylon, Glass fiber nylon has greatly improved mechanical strength, rigidity, heat resistance, the crystallization index and fatigue strength.
Material shortcomings
A grainy feeling; the post-processing time is longer.
Recommended description
The manufactured parts have excellent mechanical properties, smooth surfaces and high precision. Typical applications are housings and thermally stressed parts. Glass fiber nylon is widely used in automobile, machinery, chemical and other fields to manufacture heat-resistant structural plastic parts.
Density 1.3g/cm3
Heat distortion temperature 153℃
Tensile strength 45MPa
Tensile modulus 2600MPa
Yield elongation 8%
Elongation at break 6.7%
Notched impact strength 6.1KJ/m2
Glass fiber content 35%
* Nylon parts will have a slight graininess, and more post-processing steps are needed. Please confirm with your sales rep.
Common applications
• Automobile
• Machinery
• Chemical industry
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