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Copper C110
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Material type: Metal
Copper C110, being a tough pitch copper alloy, is not easily welded or brazed because it suffers from embrittlelment when heated in a reducing atmosphere. This occurs because hydrogen reacts with the oxide in the metal to form steam and causes cracking.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Material advantages
Copper C110 can be soldered with good results. It has excellent hot and cold forming characteristics.
Material shortcomings
Copper C110 has a poor machinability rating of 20%.
Recommended description
Due to its Conductivity, corrosion resistance, and ductility this material has a wide range of applications.
Tensile strength 230 MPa
Yield strength 140 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 120 GPa
Elongation at break 15 - 50 %
Hardness 40 HRF
Thermal expansion coefficent 17 - 17.7 10^-6 ºC
Thermal conductivity 380 - 388 W/(m⋅°C)
Electrical resistivity 1.71 - 1.76 μΩ*cm
Common applications
• Architectural
Building fronts, downspouts, flashing, gutters, roofing, screening, spouting
• Automotive
Gaskets, radiators
• Electrical instruments
• Vacuum capacitors
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