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Build Time: 10-12 Days
Stainless steel 303
Material type: Metal, Corrosion resistant, High strength, Heat resistant
Stainless steel 303 has excellent toughness, but lower corrosion resistance than 304. Ideal for high volumes, due to its excellent machinability.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Material advantages
SUS303 is austenitic free-cutting stainless, wear-resistant and burning-resistant steel with good machinability, burning and corrosion resistance.
Material shortcomings
Recommended description
Stainless steel 303 is used in applications that require parts to be heavily machined.
Density 8.03 g/cm3
Melting Point 1455°C
Modulus of elasticity 193 GPa
Electrical resistivity 0.72 x 10^-6 Ω.m
Thermal conductivity 16.3 W/m.K
Thermal expansion 17.3 x 10^-6/K
Yield strength 276 MPa
Tense strength 621 Mpa
Common applications
• Nuts and bolts
• Screws
• Gears
• Aircraft fittings
• Bushings
• Shafts
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