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Aluminum 7075
Material type: Metal, High strength, Non-magnetic
Aluminum 7075 is an aerospace-grade material with excellent strength-to-weight ratio and strength and hardness comparable to steels.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Silver white
Material advantages
This alloy is high-strength and heat-treatable, easy to process, strong wear resistance, and it has good mechanical properties, and good corrosion and oxidation resistance.
Material shortcomings
It is more susceptible to embrittlement than many other aluminum alloys because of microsegregation.
Recommended description
Aluminum 7075 is one the strongest aluminum alloys. Its high yield strength (>500 MPa) and its low density make the material a fit for applications such as aircraft parts or parts subject to heavy wear. While it is less corrosion resistant than other alloys (such as 5052 aluminum alloy, which is exceptionally resistant to corrosion), its strength more than justifies the downsides.
Tensile strength 572 MPa
Yield strength 503 MPa
Shear strength 331 MPa
Fatigue strength 159 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 71.7GPa
Shear modulus 26.9 GPa
Linear thermal expansion coefficient 23.6μm/m·k
Density 2.82 g/cm3
Melting temperature 475-635 °C
Common applications
• Aircraft fittings
• Gears and shafts
• Missile parts
• Regulating valve parts
• Worm gears
• Aerospace/defense applications
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