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UTR-8100 (transparent, Spray varnish)
4.9 (190 Reviews) 8085 orders
Material type: Plastic, High-detail
UTR-8100 is a colorless and transparent material with proven dimensional stability, suitable for general-use, detailed modeling and transparent visual simulation.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Transparent(Spray varnish)
Matte diffuse
Material advantages
The surface of the part is smooth and the details are expressive, with excellent waterproof performance, dimensional stability, nearly colorless after polished and sprayed processing.
Material shortcomings
It is difficult to be completely transparent in complex structures.
Recommended description
The surface of the part is delicate and the dimensional stability is high. It is widely used in the production of various functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, etc.
Heat distortion temperature (HDT@0.455 MPa) (ASTM Method D648, post heat curing) 52℃
Heat distortion temperature (HDT@1.82 MPa) (ASTM Method D150, post heat curing) 50℃
Shore hardness (ASTM Method D2240) 83~85D
Tensile strength (ASTM Method D638) 41.56MPa
Elongation at break (ASTM Method D638) 9%
Bending strength (ASTM Method D638) 75.95Mpa
Flexural modulus (ASTM Method D638) 1740.56Mpa
Notched impact strength (ASTM Method D256) 24J/m2
Water absorption (ASTM Method D570-98) 0.5%
* Air bubbles may be generated during the printing process of this material, and it is necessary to communicate with technicians to adjust the model processing method and design adjustment to ensure the effect of the finished product.
Common applications
• Transparent shell parts of electronic appliances.
• Lost-foam mold for precision casting.
• Art and display model.
• Medical device shell, transparent organ model.
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