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PWR Dark Black
4.9 (38 Reviews) 2511 orders
Material type: Plastic, High precision
PWR Dark Black is a high-precision photosensitive resin material with excellent dimensional accuracy, smooth surface and excellent detail performance. It has good waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics, and It is the most widely used black photosensitive resin material. After the product is polished, the surface turns a little white, it would be waxed to give the product a solid black color.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Black (waxed)
Material advantages
Fast delivery; smooth surface of parts; high precision; waterproof and moisture-proof.
Material shortcomings
General strength and toughness.
Recommended description
Suitable for widely-used products, small shrinkage, good printing accuracy and detail performance.
Tensile strength 38-56MPa
Tensile modulus 2589-2695MPa
Elongation 12 -20%
Bending strength 69-74Mpa
Bending modulus 2692-2775 Mpa
Hardness Shore D 75-88D
Density 1.3g/cm3
Heat distortion temperature(ASTM D 648 @66PSI) 60~70℃
Dielectric Constant 60 Hz(ASTM D 150-98) 4.2~5.0
Dielectric Constant 1 kHz(ASTM D 150-98) 3.3~4.2
Dielectric Constant 1 MHz(ASTM D 150-98) 3.2~4.0
Dielectric Strength kV/mm(ASTM D 1549-97a) 12.8~16.1
Common applications
• Electronic appliances
• Lost-foam mold for precision casting
• Art and display model
• Medical device shell
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