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Material type: Plastic, High strength, Impact resistant
Material type: Plastic, High strength, Impact resistant Nylon PA12 is the most common 3D printing material. It has good mechanical properties, electrical insulation, etc., and is widely used in pipes, housings, complex assemblies, connectors and other components.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Dark black (dyeing)
Material advantages
Good impact resistance, the parts can be used repeatedly for a long time, excellent toughness, and will not deform when heated.
Material shortcomings
The surface is slightly grainy.
Recommended description
Nylon materials can be used to directly produce various parts and shells with excellent performance, which can reduce weight and increase quality under the premise of optimized structural design.
Density 1.3g/cm3
Heat distortion temperature 150℃
Tensile strength 47MPa
Tensile modulus 1900MPa
Yield elongation 8%
Elongation at break 19%
Notched impact strength 8KJ/m2
* Nylon parts will have a slight graininess, and more post-processing steps are needed. Please confirm with your sales rep.
Common applications
• Complex structure parts, parts with good mechanical properties.
• Parts with thermal load environment requirements.
• Automobile assembly and modification parts.
• Medical correction equipment.
• Housings
• Enclosures
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