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Tool steel
Material type: Metal, High hardness, High strength
Mold steel can maintain a certain strength even at high temperatures. In the process of injection molding, it is traditionally used in the manufacture of tools and abrasives in the process of injection molding and die casting. It has excellent red hardness and thermal fatigue resistance, high toughness, high ductility and wear resistance.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Material advantages
Maintain strength at high temperature; thermal fatigue resistance; high toughness, high ductility and wear resistance.
Material shortcomings
Recommended description
Mold steel is used to make cold die, hot forging die, die casting and other steel types. Mold steel has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance, high hardenability, and high thermal fatigue resistance. It is mainly used as processing tools for manufacturing parts in machinery manufacturing, radio instrumentation, motors, electrical appliances and other industrial sectors.
Common applications
• Cutting tools
• Brazing fixtures
• Mold inserts
• Wear-resistant tools
• High-strength parts
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