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What PCB cases will be charged of extra cost?

Generally, the final prices are based on PCB Instant Quote, but due to the complexity of PCB design, not all extra costs can be included. For example, different board materials, different production processes, different difficulty of PCB itself, different customer requirements and other reasons all will cause different prices, will incur additional costs when reviewing PCB file, and these costs cannot be calculated online. These situations may bring you additional costs.

Order QTY less than 50pcs and area less than 1m2 is prototype order, the others are small batch.Size>457*609mm,  two sides>457mm or one side>609 belongs to super long board.   

1.Extra Cost for testing

1.1 For paneled two-layer PCB, if PCB’s total area less than 1m2but the individual board QTY is more than 50pcs, it will have extra test fee.  

1.2 All types of board with area more than 5m2 will charge for test fixture.

1.3 What is super long board? It refers to boards with two sides larger than 457mm or one side larger than 609mm. If the super long PCB could not test by flying probe, we will also need to produce test fixture for testing and charge for test fixture.

2. If the finished board is individual PCB, there is extra routing cost for any board with one side less than 20mm or two sides less than 50*50mm. Even the PCB just have one side less than 50mm, it is also with extra cost of small PCB when customers do not accept panel for production.

3. Extra Cost for Routing method

3.1 It will have extra cost of V-cut if the V-cut line counted more than 10.

3.2 If proceed with tab-routing method, It will have extra cost of the milling and drilling counted more than 10.

3.3 If routing method have milling/drilling and V-cut, and both counted surpassed 10, then the extra cost will include milling cost and V-cut cost.

4. Extra Cost for Express service

4.1 We can supply express 24H service for 1-layer or 2-layer PCB and express 48H service for multi-layer PCB. For this service, QTY of the individual boards need to be not greater than 50pcs or the area less than 1m2, if the QTY or area surpassed this, the express fee will be increased.   

4.2 Prototype order of 1-layer, 2-layer PCB with 48H express service, QTY of the individual boards need to be not greater than 50pcs, express fee will be increased if the QTY exceed.

4.3 There will be extra express fee of special technology order or small batch (the QTY of individual PCB more than 50pcs or area greater than 1m2).   

4.4 If super long board requires express service, it will have extra cost.

4.5 If an express order contains more than one design, the express fee calculated according to the number of PCB design.

5. Extra Cost for Surface finish

5.1 Additional fee will be charged for bulk order required HASL with lead/lead free on whole board.

5.2 If PCB required ENIG, ENEPIG, hard gold on whole board or the area of gold is large, the extra cost depends on gold area, the larger area the higher cost.

6. Extra Cost for Edge plating and Castellated hole

6.1 Prototype order: Charge for double-sided differs from the charge for muti-layer board.

6.2 Batch order: Exclude the cost for Edge plating/Half-cut hole service, with the location sides of Edge plating/Castellated hole increasing, extral fee will be higher.

7. Not accept X-out board in panel, not accept to mend the soldermask ink, not accept to repair the broken trace will create the extra fee.

8. If there is more than one design or small same boards panelized within 100*100mm PCB even though no tab routing or V-scoring is applied, it’s a panel, the final cost will be more than $5.

9. Not print PCBWay product number on PCB will create extra fee, this option could be found while submitting order.

10. Extra Cost for Super Long Board

What is super long board? It refers to PCB with two sides larger than 457MM or one side larger than 609MM.

Cost depends on below three elements:

A. Trace width and gap

B. Testing point

C. Hole density

Trace width and gap need larger than 6/6mil, testing points need less than ten thousand testing points/PCS, cell density needs to be smaller than fifty thousand holes/square meter. The extra costs will be adjusted according to if meet above conditions.

11. Extra Cost for Aluminum(Al) PCB

11.1 the cost will be increased if no thermal conductive adhesive required for Single-side Al PCB without copper , and delivery time will longer than instant quote(5-6 days at least).

11.2 For single-sided Al PCB and double-sided Al PCB with Al on the bottom, the cost will be increased to apply soldermask ink or silkscreen on both sides.

(Pls note there might be quality problem: such as ink might fall off from the board)

11.3 For Single-side Al PCB: cost will be increased to make plated through hole, and delivery time will be longer than instant quote(5-6 days at least).

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