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Quality Control
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Manufacturing standards
PCB Standards
PCB Production standards follow IPC Class 2,IPC Class 3, ,Automotive Standard, Customer Standard
Item Advanced PCB Standard PCB
Engineering one file/1 days+
Senior engineer
mid-level engineer
(1 files/hours)
Material Shengyi,Rogers,Arlon,Isola, Omega,Nelco,3M etc.Meet IPC4101 class B/L KB(kingboard)/GDM(goldenmax) Meet IPC4101 class B/L
Ink,Soldermasks Rohm&Haas,TAIYO,Kuangshun,Meet IPC-SM-840 class T TAIYO,Kuangshun,Meet IPC-SM-840 class T
Drilling Min Mechanical Hole Size 0.15mm,Laser hole 0.1mm Min Mechanical Hole Size 0.2mm
Plating PTH (Hole copper thickness≥20um),IPC 3(25um) PTH(Hole copper thickness≥18um)
Soldermask offset ±2mil ±3mil
Dimensional deviation ±0.13mm ±0.2mm
Warping angle 0.75% 1%
Test method A.O.I,Kelvin Four-terminal sensing,Microsection Inspection,Solderability Test,Impedance Test... A.O.I.,Fly Probe Testing, E-test fixture
Glass transition ℃ >140℃ >130℃
Etched line Forbid to repair tracks(IPC 3,Automotive,Customer Standard) -
Cleanliness Cleanliness requirements beyond those of IPC Cleanliness requirements beyond those of IPC
PCB Assembly Standards
PCB Assembly standards follow IPC-A-610E Standard
Process review
Assess and inspect the particularity of the PCBA manufacturing process in advance, guide the production, and improve the quality from the process technology.
Incoming material inspection (IQC)
Eliminate the aging loss caused by poor production process and unqualified quality of refurbished materials on the line.
Intelligent warehousing of materials
Use an intelligent material rack management system to prevent the use of wrong materials and improve the pass rate of process quality.
SPI solder paste inspection
Professionally inspect the standard of printing solder paste to ensure the high quality of soldering.
On-line AOI inspection
Check whether the produced products have errors, omissions and inversions, and prevent bad products from flowing out of the next process.
SMT first article inspection
Use advanced first article tester to confirm the correctness of the placement process of the production line and ensure that the parameters of each RC component are within the standard range.
IPQC product inspection
Check whether the products produced are wrong or not, and to prevent bad products from flowing out of the next process.
Off-line AOI inspection
According to the IPC610D standard, inspect the soldered surface mount PCBA for errors, omissions, and false connections.
X-Ray welding inspection
Inspect the solder joints of invisible components to ensure the reliability of each solder ball of the BGA.
QC manual inspection
Refers to the standard IPC--610 inspection standard, and the finished board is visually inspected to ensure 100 % Good products shipped.
Automatic soldering
Machine soldering, unified standards, high reliability, beautiful and no cleaning.
Automatic splitter
The automatic splitter for milling cutters is accurate and fast, and improves the reliability of PCBA components. Automatically take typesetting, avoid manual contact.
QA shipment inspection
Inspect the solder joints of components invisible to the naked eye to ensure the reliability of each solder ball of the BGA.
CNC Machining standards
Tolerances will be controlled into +/-0.2 mm(+/-0.01") in accordance with ISO 2768. For other tighter tolerances, technical drawing will be required to indicate critical dimensions.
Limits for nominal size Plastics
Coarse class (c)
Medium class (m)
0.5mm* to 3mm ±0.2mm ±0.1mm
3mm to 6mm ±0.3mm ±0.1mm
6mm to 30mm ±0.5mm ±0.2mm
30mm to 120mm ±0.8mm ±0.3mm
120mm to 400mm ±1.2mm ±0.5mm
400mm to 1000mm ±2.0mm ±0.8mm
1000mm to 2000mm ±3.0mm ±1.2mm
2000mm to 4000mm ±4.0mm ±2.0mm
3D Printing standards
Process Tolerance
SLA L<100mm,±0.2mm. L>100mm,±0.2%*L(mm)
DLP L<100mm,±0.1mm. L>100mm,±0.1%*L(mm)
SLS L<100mm,±0.25mm. 100< L<200mm,±0.3mm 200< L<500mm,±0.5mm. L>500mm,±0.1%*L(mm)
MJF L<100mm,±0.25mm. L>100mm,±0.25%*L(mm)
SLM L<100mm,±0.3mm. L>100mm,±0.3%*L(mm)
FDM L<100mm,±0.2mm. L>100mm,±0.2%*L(mm)
Factory Production Quality Inspection Capabilities
PCBWay offers many quality inspection services provided by our facilities and partner ecosystem.
1.AOI Tester
2.V-cut Machine
3.Copper Thickness Tester
4.Flying Probe Electricity tester
6.Solder Paste Inspection
1.Metallographic analyzer
2.Chemistry Laboratory
3.Impedance tester
4.Ion Pollution Tester
5.Metal thickness sptectrometer
6.Hi-Pot Tester
7.2D Measuring Projector
8.Peel strength Tester
1.Array of micrometers and calipers
2.XRF material verification gun
3.Coordinate measuring machines (CMM)
4.3D scanners
5.Precision scales
6.Profile projectors
7.Testing devices for stress,impact, hardness, mold flow index
8.Gauge blocks and pins
9.A wide range of gauges (telescoping, bore, height, surface roughness, feeler,thread, pin)
Quality reports
To ensure that all orders are completed in accordance with the PCBWay Manufacturing Standards.
Standard Inspection
This document certifies that the order has been delivered with the required order specifications. PCBWay will do the dimension and surface feature inspections based on the drawings provided by the customer. Test PCB for open circuit or short circuit.
pcb,pcb assembly,CNC machining,3D printing,EMS,OEM etc.
Free of charge
This document certifies that the material of a product manufactured does not contain more than 0.1% of the hazardous substances listed in the European reach regulation (SVHC).
pcb,pcb assembly,CNC machining,3D printing,EMS,OEM etc.
Additional cost
Full Dimensional Report
Provides dimensional reports to verify critical dimensions of product parts, and allowable range tolerance data for comparison.
CNC machining,Injection molding,PCB
Free of charge
Default Inspection Report
Regular shipment report additionally includes test report, dimensional inspection report
Advanced PCB,PCB
Free of charge
Thermal Stress Test Report
The purpose and requirements of thermal stress test PCB is used as the carrier of components, and its reliability has an important impact on the overall performance of electronic products.
Free of charge
Humidity indicator cards
Apply to display the humidity status of the sealed space.
pcb,pcb assembly(SMT)
Free of charge
Microsection Inspection Report
Micro-sections made by micro-sectioning technology of printed circuit boards can be used to inspect the thickness of wires inside the PCB, the number of layers, the size of through-holes, and the quality of through-holes. Wet quality evaluation, etc.
Free of charge
Impedance Test Report
PCB Impedance Test
Free of charge
Coordinate measuring machines (CMM)
PCBWay offers inspection with coordinate measuring machine (CMM) or laser scanners for an unlimited number of features.
Additional cost
Quality Certifications
PCBWay's quality management system is to ensure with efficient printed circuit boards which meet customer’s requirements. Our partners manufacture in compliance with, among others, the following standards:
IATF 16949
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13485:2016
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Thanks to the materials used and advanced technology, we always ensure highest quality of our printed circuit boards!