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The layout of PCB is unclear

Reason of failed review:

The layout of PCB is unclear, if the layout of PCB is unclear, we will make PCBs wrong.


Two cases normally

1. There are multiple outline of PCBs at same layer or different layers such as GKO and GM1, please delete the redundant outline of PCB or add special note “ Outline is GM1 or GKO or something should be”.


2. The outline is incomplete, screenshot shown as below, you may find the outline is almost done but lack the left part, it’s hard to tell if the shape should be regular or irregular with special notch or something else, so better to complete the outline and resubmit the complete file online again for checking. Some customers will just draw four corners of design, if it’s okay to just complete the outline on the basis of those four corners without any notch bust just straight line, then you can add a remark when create order online.


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