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Logic diagram

A drawing that depicts the multi-state device implementation of logic functions with logic symbols and supplementary notations, showing details of signal flow and control, but not necessarily the point-to-point wiring.

Locating Hole, Locating Notch, Locating Slot

A hole,notch or slot in the panel or printed board to enable it to be positioned accurately during manufacture and/or assembly. Synonyms: fabrication hole (or notch or slot),indexing hole, location hole, manufacturing hole, outrigger hole, tolling hole.

Locating Edge, Locating Hole, Locating Notch, Locating Slot

A physical feature in a panel or printed board used to position the board or mounted components accurately.


Load Test

A mass re-flow soldering system test for the capacity repeatedly to process boards regardless of their volume though the oven.


The lowest temperature at which filler metal (solder) is completely liquid.


If a solder alloy with a long melting range is heated too slowly. the phase with the lowest melting point begins to flow first. The material left behind has a changed composition and a higher melting point and will not flow readily. An unsound and unsightly joint is the usual result of liquation.


See Conductor.

Lifted Land

A land that has fully or partially separated (lifted)from the base material, whether or not any resin is lifted with land.


A format of lettering or symbols on the printed board, e.g. Part number, component locations, and patterns.

Lead Projection

The distance that a component lead protrudes through the side of a board that is opposite from the one upon which the component is mounted.

Lead Mounting Hole

See Component Hole.


Pronounced “Leed”-A terminal on a component.


Leadless ceramic chip carrier.


One in a series of levels in a board on which tracks are arranged to connect components. Vias connect tracks and zones between layers.

Layer-to-Layer Spacing

 The thickness of dielectric material between adjacent layers of conductive circuitry in a multi-layer printed circuit board.


Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Landless Hole

A plated through-hole without a land(s).


On a PCB, the conductive area(s) to which components are attached. Also called pad.

Land Pattern

A combination of lands that is used to mount, interconnect and test a particular component.


The process of manufacturing a laminate; also the process used for application of a dry film photo-resist.

Laminate Presses

Multi-layer equipment that applies both pressure and heat to laminate and prepreg to make multi-layer boards.

Laminate Void

Absence of laminate material in an area which normally contains laminate material.

Laminate Thickness

Thickness of the metal clad base material, single- or double-sided, prior to any subsequent processing.


A product made by bonding together two or more layers of material.