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Amazed by our customers’ creativity and great photography skills, we decided to hold this activity to encourage our PCBWayers to share their orders. Feedback is not only a good way to help us improve but also a great way to show PCBWayers’ design, innovation and creativity. Come and join, share your best shots with PCBWay!
PCBWay review feedbacks
Winner announcement
Grand Prize
1 feedback
$500 Cash Coupon
1st Prize
1 feedback
$300 Cash Coupon
2nd Prize
3 feedbacks
$200 Cash Coupon
3rd Prize
5 feedbacks
$100 Cash Coupon
Recognition Award
10 feedbacks
$50 Cash Coupon
There are two ways to join this activity. You can choose either way or you can choose both!

Share your order through PCBWay’s feedback function after you receive your goodies. You need to upload at least one photo of the order and add simple description.

Steps :
Sign in ---> My Account ---> Orders ---> Manage Feedback ---> Leave Feedback

For example:
Share now
You can share your order on your personal social media (Twitter or/and Instagram).
First, you need to share at least one photo of your order and add simple description.
Next, please make sure to @PCBWay official account and add the special hashtag #shotwithpcbway
For example
The whole focus of this activity is on photo quality!

High definition

Shared photos should be highdefinition, as the content is clear without compression.


Photos in the competition should be aesthetically prominent and pleasant.


Creative expression in the photos is a bonus.

Good product showcase

Shared photos should have a good display of the product with details.
The review and selection of winning shared feedbacks are done by PCBWay’s marketing team, and selection criteria are fully based on photo quality. Participants’ personal influence (e.g. number of followers), number of likes or number of comments on feedback share are not factors affecting selection.
Submission and share must be done during required time frame, which runs from 2021.09.23 to 2021.12.31 (China Standard Time UT+8:00).
Participants are welcome to add multiple submissions but photo content should be based on different orders.
Same photo content shared on both PCBWay’s feedback page and social media are seen as one entry.
No plagiarism. Photo content should be originated from PCBWay’s order (apart from PCB, it is extremely advised to share 3d printing, CNC, PCBWay gift shop order).
There is no limit in number of entry, but every share should be based on one PCBWay order. For each order, you can share one or multiple photos. However, please note that the number of prize won’t increase if you share multiple photos for one order. It matters if you share multiple feedbacks on different orders.
Photos of PCBWay’s order that were shared before this activity on participants’ personal social media or on PCBWay’s social media cannot enter this activity.
The feedback share should be in the format of photo with word description. Video is not accepted.
If you have any question or suggestion regarding the activity, please contact
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