Since the 1st PCB Design Contest, we have seen many meaningful projects, such as educational robotics controller used in education, and solar
projects that impact surrounding communities.
What can we do today when technology is advancing rapidly and climate change is intensifying?
Participate in the 5th PCBWay PCB Design Contest and let's explore the future together!
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Next-Generation Hardware
Home automation, IoT, wearable projects, embedded electronics or others. Define the next-generation hardware with your ideas.
Earth-Friendly Project
We would love to see more earth-friendly projects such as solar battery and environmental monitoring machine.
Free Theme
If your project does not belong to either of these themes, then you can choose the free theme to submit your designs according to your own preference.
The Second Prize
2 winners
$1000 Cash
$100 Coupon
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B-2GB *1
The First Prize
1 winner
$1500 Cash
$200 Coupon
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B-4GB *1
The Third Prize
3 winners
$500 Cash
$50 Coupon
Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 *1
Popular Design Prize 10 winners
$100 Cash
$20 Coupon + $10 3D Printing Coupon
Digital High-Precision Automatic Multimeter *1
Participation Prize
Raspberry Pi Pico *1
Projects must be original and uploaded or updated within specified time, otherwise the entry will be disqualified.
The intellectual property right of projects belong to the entrants. There are three themes included in the contest and entrants can upload more than one project.
Projects must include PCB design. We recommend to attach all documents related to the project ( such as bom, schematics, code, 3D design file, etc. ) to let judges better understand it.
How to participate? Click the "Participate Now" button on the contest page. Or create a new project in PCBWay community, click the "Submit project to…" button on the page and select the corresponding theme.
Regarding the participation reward pico, the reviewer will put the corresponding beans into your PCBWay account after reviewing, beans can be used in store to exchange pico.
The final interpretation right belongs to PCBWay. Just leave a message below if you have any questions.
Mitch Altman
Mitch Altman
Mitch Altman is a hacker and inventor. He co-founded a successful Silicon Valley startup and did pioneering work in Virtual Reality. Mitch promotes hackerspaces, opensource hardware, and mentors others wherever he goes. He is a co-founder of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco, and is President and CEO of Cornfield Electronics.
Wayne Stambaugh
Senior Engineer,
KiCad Project Leader
Wayne Stambaugh
The lead developer for the KiCad project. Wayne has been working on KiCad for over ten years and been the project leader for the last four years. Wayne has 33 years of experience as an electronics design and test engineer in analog and digital hardware design and embedded hardware and software design.
Roger Thornton
Director of Applications
at Raspberry Pi
Roger Thornton
Roger Thornton is the Director of Applications at Raspberry Pi . He has designed several iterations of the iconic computers (Raspberry Pi 3B), Zero W work which helped him be recognized as one of the best design engineers under 30 in the UK in 2017 by Electronics weekly. He is driven to help everyone build products around the exceptional array of Raspberry Pi.
Bil Herd
Former Commodore Engineer
(C128, Plus4), Inventor, Entrepreneur
Bil Herd
Bil Herd is one of the early engineers of Home Computers having led the hardware design for the Commodore C128 and Plus4 Series of computers in the mid-1980’s. Mr. Herd continued to design high speed vision systems throughout the 1990’s and now is involved in the online electronics community. He co-hosts a weekly webcast which can be seen Coriolis-effect.com
Shrouk El-Attar MEng
IET Top 6 Young Women Engineers
BBC 100 Most Influential Women
Shrouk El-Attar MEng
Shrouk El-Attar is an award winning electronics engineering consultant who specialises in wearables, IoT, and class 2 medical electronics. She was named as IET Top 6 Young Women Engineers in the UK, BBC 100 Most Influential Women, United Nations High Commissioner for refugees as Young Woman of the Year, and awarded Women’s Engineering Society Prize.
Anson Bao
NDT Engineer,PCBWay
Marketing Manager
Anson Bao
Anson used to be a NDT engineer and electronic engineer,now he is PCBWay marketing manager. He has been committed to bring a better experience to PCBWay members and help more people like electronic.
Evaluation Criteria
Project documents, video, programs, debugging experience display, etc.
Method used, circuit/software structure, program application model, etc.
The challenges the project face and the problems it finally solve.
What impact it will have on society, etc.
Next-Generation Hardware
Earth-Friendly Project
Free Theme
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